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The Mamas & The Papas - The singles +,8712089812529 CD2

The Mamas & The Papas - The singles +,8712089812529 CD2


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The Mamas & The Papas - The singles +,8712089812529  CD2

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Dutch compilation featuring all their Billboard hits as well as the solo hits of Mama Cass. Tracks include, 'California Dreamin'', 'Monday Monday', 'I Saw Her Again', 'Look Through My Window', 'Word Of Love', 'Dedicated To The One I Love', 'Crequee Alley', 'Twelve Thirty', 'Glad To Be Unhappy', 'Dream A Little Dream Of Me', 'It's Getting Better', 'Make Your Own Kind Of Music' and many more. All original recordings. 2000 release. Standard double jewelcase.

  1. California Dreamin'
  2. Somebody Groovy
  3. Go Where You Wanna Go
  4. Monday Monday
  5. Got A Feelin'
  6. I Saw Her Again
  7. Look Through My Window
  8. Words Of Love
  9. Dancin' In The Street
  10. Dedicated To The One I Love
  11. Crequee Alley
  12. I Call Your Name
  13. Twelve Thirty
  14. Straight Shooter
  15. Hey Girl
  16. Glad To Be Unhappy
  17. Dancing Bear
  18. Safe In My Garden
  19. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  20. Midnight Voyage
  21. For The Love Of Ivy
  22. California Earthquake (Mama Cash)

  1. Do You Wanna Dance
  2. My Girl
  3. Move In A Little Closer, Baby (Mama Cash)
  4. It's Getting Better  (Mama Cash)
  5. Make Your Own Kind Of Music  (Mama Cash)
  6. New World Coming   (Mama Cash)
  7. Mississippi  ( John Phillips solo)
  8. A Song That Never Comes  (Mama Cash)
  9. Good Times Are Coming  (Mama Cash)
  10. Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By   (Mama Cash)
  11. One Way Ticket  (Mama Cash)
  12. Easy Come Easy Go  (Mama Cash)
  13. Something To Make You Happy  (Dave Mason & Mama Cash)
  14. Walking To The Point  (Dave Mason & Mama Cash)
  15. Step Out
  16. Shooting Star
  17. Disney Girls   (Mama Cash)
  18. There She Goes (Michelle Phillips Solo)
  19. No Love Today  (Michelle Phillips Solo)
  20. The Aching Kind  (Michelle Phillips Solo)