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Barry White - Unlimited ( Limited Edition) CD4+DVD

Barry White - Unlimited ( Limited Edition) CD4+DVD

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Barry White - Unlimited  ( Limited Edition)  CD4+DVD
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Unlimited, produced by UMe in association with the Barry White estate, is an 5-disc extraordinary rarities collection celebrating Barry’s depth as an artist songwriter, producer and genius Groove Master – and honoring his memory in the year he would have turned 65 years old.

Unlimited presents 72 tracks from when he stepped out with his own sound, with Love Unlimited in 1972, through his final studio album, the Grammy®-winning Staying Power, released in 1999. Highlighted throughout the four CDs are extended and/or rare versions of his hits – newly mixed and/or edited with great care by Jack Perry, BW’s longtime friend and collaborator – as well as never-compiled personal favorites and LP tracks. Of particular delight to Barry White fans is two discs’ worth of rare Barry productions for a dozen different artists, including Tom Brock, Love Unlimited, Love Unlimited Orchestra, Gene Page, Jimmie & Vella Cameron, Westwing, Jay Dee (a.k.a. Jackie Lee), White Heat and Gloria Scott, who is represented by an unreleased cut and a rare non-LP single – one of six single-only tracks in this set.
A special DVD included in Unlimited offers every video from Barry White’s tenure on A&M Records – the hits “Practice What You Preach,” “Sho’ You Right,” “Come On” and eight more – as well as rare bonus clips, including a live duet with Luciano Pavarotti that has become a YouTube phenomenon; each clip has bonus commentary from Jack Perry.
The set is housed in lavish packaging befitting Barry’s deluxe grooves. Inside, the set including an essay and selected commentary by Barry himself, and by Perry, with additional notes from Quincy Jones – revealing the stories behind the songs and the man who made some of the funkiest, most romantic music of all time.

Disc 1
1. I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby - Alternate Version  
2. Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up - Alternate Version  
3. Honey Please, Can’t Ya See - Alternate Version  
4. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe - Alternate Version  
5. You’re The First, The Last, My Everything - Alternate Version  
6. I’ll Do For You Anything You Want Me To - Alternate Version  
7. What Am I Gonna Do With You - Alternate Version  
8. Let Me Live My Life Lovin’ You Babe  
9. You See The Trouble With Me  
10. Let The Music Play - Alternate Version  
11. Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long - Alternate Version  
12. Your Love–So Good I Can Taste It  
13. I’m Qualified To Satisfy You - Alternate Version  
14. I’ve Got So Much To Give  

Disc 2
1. Playing Your Game, Baby - Alternate Version  
2. It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me -Alternate Version  
3. You Turned My Whole World Around  
4. Your Sweetness Is My Weakness – Alternate 12-Inch Version  
5. It Ain’t Love, Babe (Until You Give It) - Special Disco Version  
6. Ghetto Letto  
7. Sheet Music - Alternate Version  
8. Ella Es Todo Para Mi (She’s Everything To Me)   (Spanish version)
9. Barry & Glodean – Our Theme, Pts. 1 & 2  
10. Love Song  
11. Good Dancin’ Music  
12. You’re What’s On My Mind - Non-LP Single  
13. Super Lover - Undercover Mix  
14. Don’t Play Games  

Disc 3
1. Love Unlimited Orchestra/Midnight And You - Alternate Version  
2. Love Unlimited Orchestra/Baby Blues  
3. Love Unlimited Orchestra/Love’s Theme - Alternate Version  
4. Love Unlimited Orchestra/My Sweet Summer Suite - 12-Inch Promo Version  
5. Love Unlimited Orchestra/Theme From King Kong - 12-Inch Disco Version  
6. Love Unlimited Orchestra/Sweet Moments - Non-LP Single  
7. Love Unlimited Orchestra/Whisper Softly  
8. Love Unlimited Orchestra/Welcome Aboard  
9. Love Unlimited/Walkin’ In The Rain With The One I Love  
10. Love Unlimited/It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It’s Spring) - Alternate Version  
11. Love Unlimited/Under The Influence Of Love - Alternate Version  
12. Love Unlimited/I Belong To You - Alternate Version  
13. Love Unlimited/He’s All I’ve Got  
14. Love Unlimited/High Steppin’, Hip Dressin’ Fella - Alternate Version  

Disc 4
1. Tom Brock/I Love You More And More  
2. Tom Brock/If We Don’t Make It Nobody Can - Non-LP Single Version  
3. Jay Dee/Strange Funky Games And Things  
4. Jimmie & Vella Cameron/Be Fair To Me  
5. Gene Page/Satin Soul  
6. Gloria Scott- Just As Long As We’re Together (In My Life There Will Never Be Another) - Alternate Version  
7. Gloria Scott/I’ve Got To Have All Of You- Previously Unreleased   
8. Smoke/Oh Love (Well, We Finally Made It) - Non-LP Single  
9. Jay Dee/You’ve Changed  
10. White Heat/Take A Look At Yourself (Before You Frown On Someone Else)  
11. Black Satin Featuring Fred Parris/How I Wish We Could Do It Again  
12. Westwing/Falling In Love Is A No No – Non-LP Single  
13. Tom Brock/Have A Nice Weekend Baby  
14. Danny Pearson/What’s Your Sign Girl  
15. Quincy Jones Featuring Al B. Sure!, James Ingram, El DeBarge & Barry White/The Erotic Garden    
16. Tina Turner Featuring Barry White/In Your Wildest Dreams  

1. Sho’ You Right  
2. I Wanna Do It Good To Ya  
3. When Will I See You Again  
4. Follow That And See (Where It Leads Y’all)  
5. Put Me In Your Mix  
6. Barry White Featuring Isaac Hayes/Dark & Lovely  
7. Practice What You Preach  
8. Come On  
9. I Only Want To Be With You  
10. Just The Way You Are  
11. I Wanna Do It Good To Ya – Wet Remix  
12. Let The Music Play – Funkstar’s Club Deluxe Mix Video  
13. Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up – Live From Brussels  
14. Barry White & Luciano Pavarotti/You’re The First, The Last, My Everything Live