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Change - This Is Your Time (4) [Expanded Edition]

Change - This Is Your Time (4) [Expanded Edition]

cd Classic Album 1983

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Change - This Is Your Time (4)  [Expanded Edition]
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Change - This Is Your Time  1983

Released on 29/08/11. Although they were formed in Bologna, Italy in
1979, there is a strong American character to much of Change’s music.
Their sound was strongly influenced by Chic, while early singles
featured vocals by Luther Vandross.Vocals and additional recording
for this album took place in New York City. Originally conceived as a
studio project, by the time of their fourth album, THIS IS YOUR TIME,
CHANGE had evolved into an act with its own distinctive identity,
moving with the times to bring its Disco and R&B influences into the
80s.The title track of this rare 1983 set was yet another Top 40
US R&B hit for the group. In addition, the album features the single
Magical Night and fan-favourite tracks Don’t Wait Another Night and
You’ll Never Realize. BBR is very proud to present This Is Your
Time in full and expanded form, complete with extensive liner notes that
feature interviews along with added bonus tracks. Released in deluxe
Super Jewel cases this BBR remaster is a must have for all Soul, Disco
and R&B fans out there!

01. Got To Get Up
02. This Is Your Time
03. Angel
04. Magical Night
05. Stay 'N Fit
06. Tell Me Why
07 You'll Never Realize
08. Don't Wait Another Night

Bonus Tracks
09. Got To Get Up (12" Extended Remix)
10. Magical Night (Single Version)
11. This Is Your Time (Single Version)
12. You'll Never Realize (Single Version)
13. Don't Wait Another Night (Single Version)
14. Got To Get Up (Single Version)