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Darts - The Very best of The Darts

Darts - The Very best of The Darts


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Darts - The Very best of The Darts
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01. Daddy Cool/The Girl Can’t Help It
02. Young Blood
03. Too Hot In The Kitchen
04. Sometime Lately
05. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
06. Shotgun
07. Come Back My Love
08. Bells In My Heart
09. Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)
10. Stay Away (From Them Girls)
11. I’m Mad/Fancy Man/Framed/Riot In Cell Block No.9/Trouble
12. Don’t Let It Fade Away (Bonus Track)
13. Get It (Bonus Track)
14. Duke Of Earl (Bonus Track)
15. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love (Bonus Track)
16. Reet Petite (Bonus Track)
17. Let’s Hang On (Bonus Track)
18. Peaches & Cream (Bonus Track)
19. Cool Jerk (Bonus Track)
20. Runaround (Bonus Track)
21. Messing Shoe Blues (Bonus Track)
22. Naff Off (Bonus Track)
23. White Christmas (Bonus Track)
24. Boy From New York City
25. Honey Love
26. My Friend’s Wife
27. It's Raining
28. Make It
29. Hammy’s Boogie
30. Who’s That Knocking
31. My True Story
32. Late For Work
33. Bones
34. Late Last Night
35. I Gotta Go Home
36. Why I Try
37. Don’t Say Yes (Bonus Track)
38. Cuckoo (Bonus Track)
39. One Off The Wrists (Bonus Track)
40. Don’t Hang Up (Bonus Track)
41. Honey Bee (Bonus Track)
42. Don’t Mess Around With Love (Bonus Track)
43. Don’t Look Back (Bonus Track)
44. This Is The Night (Bonus Track)
45. Goodbye Brenda (Bonus Track)
46. Why I Cry (Previously Unreleased Version) (Bonus Track)