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Home     Donna Summer - Ultimate Collection (DeLuxe Coll. Edit.) CD3
Donna Summer - Ultimate Collection (DeLuxe Coll. Edit.) CD3

Donna Summer - Ultimate Collection (DeLuxe Coll. Edit.) CD3


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Donna Summer - Ultimate Collection (DeLuxe Coll. Edit.)  CD3
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Donna Summer
Ultimate Collection (DeLuxe Collectors Edition)
3 (digipack)
1. I feel love
2. MacArthur Park
3. This time I know it's for real
4. Hot stuff
5. Dinner with Gershwin
6. Bad girls
7. State of independence
8. Rumour has it
9. The wanderer
10. She works hard for the money
11. All systems go (Edit)
12. On the radio
13. Heaven knows
14. Sunset people
15. Eyes (Jellybean Remix Edit)
16. Power of love (Hani's Mixshow Edit)
17. I'm a fire (Solitaire Club Mix)
18. Last dance

1. No more tears (Enough is enough)
2. Love's unkind
3. Love to love you baby (Single Edit)
4. Down deep inside (\"The deep\")
5. Could it be magic
6. Try me, I know we can make it
7. Spring affair
8. I love you
9. Unconditional love
10. Love is in control (Finger on the trigger)
11. I don't wanna get hurt (7\" Remix)
12. When love takes over you (Remix)
13. Breakway (Power Radio Mix)
14. Melody of love (Wanna be loved) (West End 7\" Radio Mix)
15. Winter melody
16. The woman in me
17. Back in love again
18. Dim all the lights
19. Cold love (Edit)
20. Love's about to change my heart (PWL 7\" Mix)

1. I remember yesterday
2. Wassermann (Aquarius)
3. O, segne Gott mein' Seel' (Bless the Lord) (\"Godspell\")
4. Lady of the night
5. The hostage
6. Something's missing in my life
7. Once upon a time
8. Shut out
9. Walk away
10. Never lose your sense of humor
11. Highway runner
12. I feel love [Part 1] (Special Version Remix By Patrick Cowley)
13. Romeo
14. When love cries (Radio Remix)
15. I will go with you (Con te partiró)
16. Love is the healer (Eric Kupper's I Feel Healed 7\" Mix)
17. I got your love (Radio Edit)
18. Stamp your feet (Jason Nevins Radio Mix)
19. Fame (The game) (Dave Aude Radio)
20. To Paris with love (Mendy Radio Edit)

Deze nieuwe collectie is voorzien van het Internationaal hits met nummers van haar klassieke albums en legendarische producenten als Giorgio Moroder , Pete Bellotte , Harold Faltermeyer , John Barry , Richard Perry , Stock, Aitken & Waterman en Quincy Jones .
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