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Home     Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - classic albums box 18CD
Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - classic albums box 18CD

Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - classic albums box 18CD

27 juni 2014

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Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons  - classic albums box  18CD
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Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Classic Albums Box
27 Juni 2014
Rhino / Warner Music
1Big Girls Don't Cry
2Yessir, That's My Baby
4La Dee Dah
5Teardropsthe 4 Seasons
6Apple Of My Eve
7Never On Sunday
8I Can't Give You Anything But Love
9The Girl In My Dreams
10Oh, Carol
11Lost Lullabythe 4 Seasons
13Walk Like A Man
14Silhouettesthe Four Seasons
15Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
16Tonight, Tonightthe Four Seasons
17Lucky Ladybugthe Four Seasons
18Alonethe Four Seasons
19One Songthe 4 Seasons
21Since I Don't Have Youthe Four Seasons
22My Sugarthe Four Seasons
23Hi-lili, Hi-lothe Four Seasons
24Big Girls Don't Cry
25Goodnight My Lovethe 4 Seasons
26Candy Girl
27Happy, Happy Birthday Babythe Four Seasons
28Honey Lovethe Four Seasons
29Soonthe 4 Seasons
30Staythe 4 Seasons
31Dumb Drumthe Four Seasons
33Long Lonely Nightsthe 4 Seasons
34New Mexican Rose
35That's The Only Waythe Four Seasons
36Melancholythe 4 Seasons
37Ain't That A Shame
38Connie-othe 4 Seasons
39Lost Lullabythe 4 Seasons
40Hi Lillie Hi Lothe 4 Seasons
41Goodnight My Lovethe 4 Seasons
42Soonthe 4 Seasons
43Staythe 4 Seasons
44Silver Wingsthe 4 Seasons
45Star Makerthe 4 Seasons
46Teardropsthe 4 Seasons
47Long Lonely Nightsthe 4 Seasons
48Melancholythe 4 Seasons
49One Songthe 4 Seasons
50Blues In The Night Live
51Just In Time Live
52Little Boy In Grown Up Clothes Live
53I Can Dream Can't I? Live
54How Do You Make A Hit Song? Live
55Medley: By Myself Live
56Day In Day Out Live
57My Mother's Eyes Live
58Mack The Knife Live
59Come Si Bella Live
60Brotherhood Of Man Live
61Big Man's World
62You Send Methe Four Seasons
63Mountain Highthe Four Seasons
64Life Is But A Dreamthe Four Seasons
65Church Bells May Ringthe Four Seasons
66Dawn Go Away
67Only Yesterdaythe Four Seasons
6816 Candles
69Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
70Earth Angel
71Don't Let Gothe Four Seasons
72Do You Want Me To Dancethe Four Seasons
73Born To Wanderthe 4 Seasons
74Don't Cry, Elenathe 4 Seasons
75Where Have All The Flowers Gonethe 4 Seasons
76Cry Myself To Sleepthe 4 Seasons
77A Ballad For Our Timethe 4 Seasons
78Silence Is Goldenthe 4 Seasons
79New Townthe 4 Seasons
80Golden Ribbonthe 4 Seasons
81Little Pony Get Alongthe 4 Seasons
82No Surfin' Todaythe 4 Seasons
83Searching Windthe 4 Seasons
84Milliethe 4 Seasons
85Save It For Me
86The Touch Of Youthe Four Seasons
89No One Caresthe Four Seasons
90Rag Dollthe Four Seasons
91An Angel Criedthe Four Seasons
92Funny Face
93Huggin' My Pillow
94The Setting Sunthe Four Seasons
96On Broadway Tonightthe Four Seasons
97Show Girlthe 4 Seasons
98Where Is Love?the 4 Seasons
99One Clown Criedthe 4 Seasons
100My Prayerthe 4 Seasons
101Little Darlin'the 4 Seasons
102Bye Bye Baby Baby Goodbyethe 4 Seasons
103Betrayedthe 4 Seasons
104Somewherethe 4 Seasons
105Living Just For Youthe 4 Seasons
106Little Angelthe 4 Seasons
107Big Man In Townthe 4 Seasons
108Toy Soldierthe 4 Seasons
109What The World Needs Now Is Love
110Anyone Who Had A Heart
111There's Always Something There To Remind Me
112Make It Easy On Yourself
113Walk On By
114What's New Pussycat
115Queen Jane Approximately
116Mr. Tambourine Man
117Like A Rolling Stone
118Don't Think Twice, It's Alrightfrankie Valli & The Four Seasons (P
119All I Really Want To Do
120Blowin' In The Wind
121Working My Way Back To You
122Pityfrankie Valli
123I Woke Up Aka I Woke Up With Your Nfrankie Valli
124Living Just For Youfrankie Valli
125Beggars On Parade Aka Beggars Parade
126One Clown Criedfrankie Valli
127Can't Get Enough Of You Babyfrankie Valli
128Sundownfrankie Valli
129Too Many Memoriesfrankie Valli
130Show Girlfrankie Valli
131Comin' Up In The Worldfrankie Valli
132Everybody Knows My Namefrankie Valli
133C'mon Marianne
134Let's Ride Again
135Beggin'the Four Seasons
136Around And Around Andaroundandaroungandaroundandaround
137Good-bye Girl
138I'm Gonna Change
139Tell It To The Rain
140Dodythe Four Seasons
141The Puppet Songthe Four Seasons
142Melancholythe 4 Seasons
143American Crucifixion
144Mrs. Stately's Garden
145Look Up Look Over
146Something's On Her Mind
147Saturday's Father
148Wall Street Village Day
149Genuine Imitation Life
151Wonder What You'll Be
152Soul Of A Woman
153Emilythe 4 Seasons
154And That Reminds Methe 4 Seasons
155Circles In The Sandthe 4 Seasons
156Sorrythe 4 Seasons
157The Girl I'll Never Know Angels Nevthe 4 Seasons
158She Gives Me Lightthe 4 Seasons
159To Make My Father Proudthe 4 Seasons
160Patch Of Bluethe 4 Seasons
161The Morning After Loving Youthe 4 Seasons
162Any Day Now / Oh Happy Day Medleythe 4 Seasons
163Silver Starthe Four Seasons
164Storybook Loversthe Four Seasons
165Harmony, Perfect Harmonythe Four Seasons
166Who Loves You
167Mystic Mr. Samthe Four Seasons
168December, 1963 Oh What A Night!
169Slip Away
170Emily's Salle De Dancethe Four Seasons
171If We Should Lose Our Lovethe 4 Seasons
172Let's Get It Rightthe 4 Seasons
173Long Agothe 4 Seasons
174Rhapsodythe 4 Seasons
175Heliconthe 4 Seasons
176Down The Hallthe 4 Seasons
177Put A Little Awaythe 4 Seasons
178New York Street Song No Easy Waythe 4 Seasons
179I Believe In Youthe 4 Seasons
182Moonlight Memories
183Book Of Love
184Did Someone Break Into Your Heart Last Night
186Once Inside A Woman's Heart
187What About Tomorrow
188Love Has A Mind Of Its Own
189Learn How To Say Goodbye
190Hope And Glory
191This Time
192You And Your Heart So Blue
193Run For Your Life
194Help Me To Believe In You 0
195State Of My Heart
196The Girl Of My Dreams
197Even Now
198Just The Way You Make Love
199The Naked I

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