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Kayak - Journey Through Time (Ltd) 21CD box

Kayak - Journey Through Time (Ltd) 21CD box

16 Juni 2017


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Kayak - Journey Through Time (Ltd)  21CD box

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Journey Through Time (Ltd)
Complete Studio Albums 1973-2016
16 Juni 2017
See See the Sun 1973
Kayak II 1974
Royal Bed Bouncer 1975
The Last Encore 1976
Starlight Dancer 1977
Phantom of the Night 1978
Periscope Life 1980
Merlin 1981
Close to the Fire 2000
Night Vision 2001
Merlin- Bard of the Unseen 2003
Nostradamus- The Fate of Man (2CD) 2005
Coming Up For Air 2008
Letters From Utopia (2CD) 2009
Anywhere But Here 2011
Cleopatra- The Crown of Isis (2CD 2014

Bonus 2CD : More Kayak
1 High Tide Formation: Fluffy (single only)
2 High Tide Formation: White walls (b-side single Fluffy)
3 Give It A Name (b-side single See See The Sun)
4 Try To Write A Book (b-side single Lyrics)
5 Bulldozer (non album track)
6 We Are Not Amused (single only)
7 Chance For A Lifetime (single edit)
8 Boezem (albumtrack from Zing Je Moerstaal)
9 Ballad For A Lost Friend (b-side single Phantom Of The Night)
10 I Want You To Be Mine (USA album version)
11 Irene (USA album version)
12 Ivory Dance (b side single Ruthless Queen)
13 Theme From Spetters 2 (single only)
14 Total Loss (single only)
15 What Is Done, Is Done (b-side single Total loss)
16 Eyewitness (albumtrack from Eyewitness)
17 Only You and I Know (albumtrack from Eyewitness)
18 Who’s Fooling Who (albumtrack from Eyewitness)
19 No Total Loss (Monte Carlo) (single only)
20 Car Enchanters (Sikkens version) (single only)
21 The Plan: If This Ain’t Love (single only)
22 The Plan: Hit Bottom (b-side single If This Ain’t Love)
1 Close To The Fire (radio edit)
2 Love Lies (demo, bonus track on Japanese version of Close To The Fire)
3 Cried For Love (demo, bonus track on Japanese version of Close To The Fire)
4 Never Before (bonus track on Japanse version of Night Vision)
5 The Inquisition (new edit)
6 Beat The Clock (b-side of single Undecided)
7 Dear Lover (bonus track on the 35th Anniversary Box)
8 Life Is Good (special remix)
9 Symmetry (2012 version)
10 Cleopatra The Crown of Isis (original edit)
11 Ten Ride Ticket: Lost In Hell (demo, never released before)
12 Ten Ride Ticket: A 1000 Dreams (demo, never released before)
13 Ten Ride ticket: Scardia (demo, never released before)
14 Ten Ride Ticket: Green Eyed morning (demo, never released before)
15 Ten Ride Ticket: Catch Your Dreams (demo, never released before)
16 Ten Ride Ticket: Children Unite (demo, never released before)
17 Ten Ride Ticket: It’s Your Problem (demo, never released before)
18 Ten Ride Ticket: Still Try To Write A Book (demo, never releas before)

All Kayak studio albums have been collected in the new 21 CD's Journey Through Time - The Complete Studio Album Collection.
This impressive collection contains no less than sixteen albums of the group, plus a binder of rare material, including some never-recorded recordings.
It was exactly 50 years ago that the germ was laid for the best symphonic rock band from Dutch history when the two Hilversum teenagers Ton Scherpenzeel (keys) and Pim Koopman (drums) met. After some careful musical experiments, the first album of Kayak, See See The Sun, appeared six years later. The band, which also became very successful abroad, has since made a whole series of albums, and was also featured in the charts with singles like Ruthless Queen, Starlight Dancer and Mammoth.
Journey Through Time - The Complete Studio Album Collection appears in a limited and numbered edition (edition: 1500 pieces). The rarities compiled by Scherpenzeel 2CD More Kayak contains non-album tracks, single-versions and demos of both Kayak and Kayak-related formations. Nine of these demos have never been released before. The first eight albums (the EMI / Phonogram years) are remastered and all CDs are inserted in replicas of the original covers. In addition, the box contains a beautiful booklet, with various pictures, a selection of lyrics and an exclusive interview with Scherpenzeel.