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Home     Marty Robbins - 6 classic albums + bonus singles CD4
Marty Robbins - 6 classic albums + bonus singles CD4

Marty Robbins - 6 classic albums + bonus singles CD4

20 juni 2014

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Marty Robbins - 6 classic albums + bonus singles  CD4
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Marty Robbins
Six Classic Albums Plus Bonus Singles
20 Juni 2014
Real Gone Music
1: Long tall sally
2: Tennessee toddy
3: Maybelline
4: Respectfully miss brooks
5: Mean mama blues
6: Long gone lonesome blues
7: Lovesick blues
8: I'm so lonesome i could cry
9: It's too late now (to worry anymore)
10: Rose of ol' pawnee
11: I never let you cross my mind
12: I hang my head and cry
13: You only want me when you're lonely
14: Moanin' the blues
15: I'll step aside
16: All the world is lonely now
17: Bouquet of roses
18: Have i told you lately that i love you

1: Song of the islands
2: Don't sing aloha when i go
3: Beyond the reef
4: Crying steel guitar waltz
5: My isle of golden dreams
6: Now is the hour
7: Sweet leilani
8: Down where the tradewinds blow
9: Constancy (ua like no more)
10: Island echoes
11: Moonland
12: Aloha oe (farewell to thee)
13: Kaw liga
14: Jodie (judy)
15: Nothing but sweet lies
16: Oh, how i miss you (since you went away)
17: Baby i need you (like you need me)
18: Shackles and chains
19: Waltz of the wind
20: Paper face
21: Then i turned and walked slowly away
22: Wedding bells
23: A house with everything but love
24: The hands you're holding now

1: Big iron
2: Cool water
3: Billy the kid
4: A hundred and sixty acres
5: They're hanging me tonight
6: The strawberry roan
7: El paso
8: In the valley
9: The master's call
10: Running gun
11: The little green valley
12: Utah carol
13: San angelo
14: Prairie fire
15: Streets of laredo
16: Song of the bandit
17: I've got no use for the women
18: Five brothers
19: Little joe, the wrangler
20: Ride cowboy ride
21: This peaceful sod
22: She was young and she was pretty
23: My love
24: Saddle tramp

1: Love me or leave me alone
2: Tomorrow you'll be gone
3: Crying 'cause i love you
4: I wish somebody loved me
5: I'll go on alone
6: You're breaking my heart
7: I couldn't keep from crying
8: After you leave
9: A castle in the sky
10: A half-way chance with you
11: Sing me something sentimental
12: At the end of a long lonely day
13: Blessed jesus should i fall don't let me lay
14: Kneel and let the lord take your load
15: Don't make me ashamed
16: It's a long, long ride
17: Your heart's turn to break
18: Pretty words
19: I'm too big to cry
20: Call me up (and i'll come calling on you)
21: It's a pity what money can do
22: Time goes by
23: That's all right
24: Gossip

6 classic albums Digitally Remastered and Enhanced For Superior Quality :
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