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Nana Mouskouri - The White Rose Of Athens

Nana Mouskouri - The White Rose Of Athens


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Nana Mouskouri - The White Rose Of Athens
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Released on 13/02/12. Nana Mouskouri is one of the biggest selling
female artists of all time. In a career spanning more than five decades,
she has sold a devastating 350 million records, sung in more than 15
languages.Nana at first captivated audiences in the tavernas and
nightclubs of late fifties Athens, singing Greek folksongs and
compositions written for her by the composer Manos Hadjidakis and
lyricist Nikos Gatsos. Hartino to fengaraki (The Paper Moon) became a
huge domestic hit and was followed by the celebrated Ta Pedia Tou Pirea
(The Children Of Piraeus) Aka Never On a Sunday, from the film of the
same name. Never On a Sunday sparked a huge interest in Greek music and
culture and propelled Nana almost overnight onto the world stage.Through
1960-61, Nana built rapidly on her early promise. She flew to Berlin to
record five songs for the Hadjidakis Gatos score of a film entitled,
Greece, Land of Dreams and cut two German language versions that would
constitute her first international hit, ‘The White Rose of Athens’. She
then ventured to Paris to complete two EPs for her French mentor, Louis

Nana Mouskouri French German And Greek Recordings  
  1. Le Petit Tramway  
  2. Retour à Napoli  
  3. La Montagne De L'amour "O Imittos" (The Mountain Of Love)  
  4. Un Roseau Dans Le Vent (A Reed In The Wind)
  5. Ton Adieu (Your Goodbye)  
  6. toi que j'inventais  
  7. je reviendrai dans mon village (i'll return to my village)
  8. quand on s'aimait (when we loved)  
  9. Weisse Rosen Aus Athen  
  10. Addio "Ebbe Une Flut"  
  11. O Kyr. Antonis (Mr. Antonis)
  12. Kourasmeno Palikari (Now That You Don't Love Me)  
  13. Pou Pexate T'agori Mou (Where Has My Son Gone?)
  14. Hili Mou Moskomyristo (My Sweet Mouth)  
  15. Vasilepses Asteri Mou (Fading star)
  16. Issoun Kalos, Issoun Glikos (You Were Good, You Were Sweet)  
  17. Sto Parathyri Stekossoun (You Were Standing By The Window)  
  18. N'ha T'athanato Nero (Miraculous Water)  .
  19. To Tragoudi Tis Euridikis (The Song Of Eurydice)  
  20. To Kiparissaki (The Cypress Tree)  
  21. Thalassa Platia (Deep And Silent Sea)  
  22. Pisso Ap'tis Triantafyllies (Behind The Rose Bushes)