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Status Quo - Top 100

Status Quo - Top 100

5cd (dutch release)


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Status Quo - Top 100

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1-Picture Of Matchstick Man 2-Black Veils Of Melancholy 3-Ice In The Sun 4-Technicolour Dreams 5-Are You Growing Tired Of My Love 6-The Price Of Love 7-Down The Dustpipe 8-In My Chair 9-Tune To The Music 10-Gerdundula 11-Don't Waste My Time 12-Mean Girl 13-Paper Plane 14-Caroline 15-Down Down 16-Roll Over Lay Down 17-Claudie 18-Break The Rules 19-Just Take Me 20-Backwater CD 2:1-Little Lady 2-Where I Am 3-Rain 4-Mystery Song 5-Is There A Better Way 6-Wild Side Of Life 7-Rockin' All Over The World 8-Rockers Rollin' 9-Hold You Back 10-Dirty Water 11-For You 12-Baby Boy 13-Can't Give You More 14-Let's Ride 15-Again And Again 16-Accident Probe 17-Someone Show Me Home 18-Like A Good Girl 19-I'm Giving Up My Worryin' 20-Whatever You Want CD 3:1-Living On An Island 2-Who Asked You 3-Shady Lady 4-What You're Proposing 5-Lies 6-Don't Drive My Car 7-Run To My Mummy 8-The Wild Ones 9-Rock 'n' Roll 10-Something 'Bout You Baby I Like 11-Carol 12-Don't Stop Me Now 13-Dear John 14-Doesn't Matter 15-Jealousy 16-Big Man 17-She Don't Fool Me 18-Ol' Rag Blues 19-A Mess Of Blues 20-Marguerita Time CD 4:1-Going Down Town Tonight 2-The Wanderer 3-Who Gets The Love? 4-Rollin' Home 5-Red Sky 6-In The Army Now 7-Dreamin' 8-Speechless 9-Invitation 10-Ain't Complaining 11-Running All Over The World 12-Burning Bridges (On And Off And On Again) 13-That's Alright 14-Not At All 15-Little Dreamer 16-Heart On Hold 17-Tommy's In Love 18-The Anniversary Waltz Part 1 19-Can't Give You More 20-Rock 'Til You Drop CD 5:1-Sherri Don't Fail Me Now 2-Restless 3-Ciao-Ciao 4-Rude Awakening Time 5-Sorry 6-Come On You Reds 7-When You Walk In The Room 8-Fun, Fun, Fun 9-Don't Stop 10-All Around My Hat 11-Mony Mony 12-Old Time Rock And Roll 13-Jam Side Down 14-All Stand Up (Never Say Never) 15-You'll Come 'Round 16-Thinking Of You 17-The Party Ain't Over Yet 18-All That Counts Is Love 19-Beginning Of The End 20-Jump That Rock! (Whatever You Want)